Specializing in self-performed civil construction and structural concrete work as well as general contracting, SGV Construction projects span across various public and private markets. Above all, SGV respects the merit of teamwork. SGV is a steadfast listener and trusted advisor that contributes quality solutions to ensure every project meets and exceeds expectations.

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SGV Construction began with a vision to improve the construction industry in our local community, and a dream to expand. We had the unique opportunity to begin building our company in the unstable economy of 2010. Our very first projects included small public works concrete jobs in and around the San Gabriel Valley. We literally started from the ground, and tirelessly worked our way up.

To navigate this challenge and build upon our roots, we developed our core principles: Skill, Goodwill, and Value. It is these tenants that serve as the foundation, not only for our company, but for every project we take on. By adhering to these principles, we established new customers from all opportunities we were given, and were able to get the foot in the door that we always strived for. We have effortlessly developed work experience, built trust with clients, and improved bonding and financial stability over the years. SGV has now expanded its reach into new markets and territories well beyond the San Gabriel Valley. We continue to maintain our integrity, our drive, and our mission to provide Skill, Goodwill, and Value.

Proudly serving all of Southern California as an 8(a) contracted company.


Execute every project with skill, goodwill, and value so our customers are confident they are receiving the best service and quality, all within budget.

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Skill – refers to the technical and administrative proficiency needed to complete projects the right way.

Goodwill – is our commitment to always operate in an honest, positive, and productive manner.

Value – refers to our ultimate goal of long-lasting benefit to the customer


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