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Types of Work

On-Site: To perform jobs within the property limit. Off-Site (Street): The process of performing construction tasks on public right-of-way outside of the property limits. New Construction: The preparation and construction of entirely new structures. Modernizations: The process of updating or renovating structures, making them more modern in appearance, style or character by utilizing current trends in structure integrity and […]

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Trades Concrete: Skilled in the placement, finishing, protecting and repairing of concrete in all construction projects for commercial, public works and residential. Masonry: Skilled in brick and blocklaying, as well as concrete finishing for commercial, public works and residential. Asphalt: Skilled in asphalt repair, maintenance and reconstruction for commercial, public works and residential. General Contracting: […]

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Parking Lots: Any cleared area intended for parking vehicles. Curbs: A stone or concrete edging to a street or path. Gutters: Low areas at the edge of a street that carry off excess surface water to sewers. Pavements: The hard surface of a road, street or sidewalk. Roads/Streets: An area/surface leading from one place to another- typically prepared for vehicles to use- in public areas, cities and towns. Sidewalks: Off-Site […]

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Structural Foundations

Slabs: A typically rectangular large, thick, flat piece of concrete. Footings: A concrete support under a foundation that rests on solid ground. Retaining Walls: A structure designed and constructed to resist lateral pressure of soil when there is a change in ground elevation. Caissons: Reinforced concrete piers poured into holes drilled into ground. Grade Beams: A component of a building’s foundation consisting of reinforced […]

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